Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cottage Cheese Thighs Payback

I admit it. I was one of those cruel people that noticed women with their pants tight enough to see the dreaded "cottage cheese thighs". I would think to myself, "Gross! Buy larger pants!". I would snicker and swear IF I ever became a woman that had this condition, no one would ever know, as I would ALWAYS conceal it.


I am now a member of the Cottage Cheese Thighs Club.

I know I need to buy a new wardrobe. This unattractive texture just appeared one day. I don't know where the Hell it came from. I do know that it is tougher to hide than I thought. Who can go buy a new wardrobe? Especially, when you have teen daughters that always need something. They come first with clothes.

I promise to get some "bigger" pants asap.

I just pray I don't start showing a "camel toe"!


sroman said...

Wear comfy skirts whenever you can. It's my solution.

Your legs are still the envy of many of us.

janis said...

Don't forget that comment I got last night. Are you a 10 yet?