Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tough Guys

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. He is the skinny guy on the far right. This was taken in Yokota, Japan in 1956. Dad was just barely 18. He joined the Navy before finishing high school. That's what they did back then. He as well as thousands of other young men served their country and protected our freedom.

Sometimes I think that every young person should go into the service or The Peace Corp. If they were put in a position to see how others live and understand how precious our freedom was they would be much better citizens and live more productive lives. I hate the thought of either of my daughters going into the service but I do wish that they would chose to be involved in some kind of mission work, at least giving up one spring break or summer to give back.

This is a very naive and spoiled generation. We work so hard to give our children a better life but have we taken something away by giving them so much?

I am proud of my daughters. They are wonderful young adults. But, I fear for them and their generation. It is a scary world out there and I don't think they are prepared.

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sroman said...

Wow. Your dad is probably younger in this photo than Tyler is today. Scary stuff.

No, your girls are not ready. Nor are most of their generation.