Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time To Change The Background Again!

As much as I LOVED the background on the previous blog post, I must say Bye Bye to that pretty swirly background with the strong colors. Apparently, my number one fan just can not read it. The faint print behind the font makes it difficult for her to read my entries.

Yes, I changed it once before for her. My original Blog was stark black background with light fonts. It gave her a headache. Begged me to change. So I did. She LOVED the blue background that I briefly had. But it bored me. Then I discovered "The Cutest Blog on the Block". I really loved that last background. My #1 fan thought it was very pretty but just couldn't read through it.

SO... I love this fan more and it had to go. Seriously, she is my biggest Cheerleader ( with the littlest butt..sorry, inside joke).

Whatever she wants, I will try to give her. With resistance, but, I usually cave. I value her opinion more than anyone and she always sets me straight and looks out for my best interest. Darn Best Friend! I would also do this for the other Best Friend, but she is more reserved with the complaints. She's my other biggest Cheerleader, but with a more "normal" butt. I promise to explain D.M!

Please, let me know if this meets with your approval Ms Riley Girl. I tried to pick a happy medium. Notice the crisp background where the Blog writing goes? I expect you to comment soon.

I love You!

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