Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Night Out

Sergio & I had a lovely night out last Monday. We went to the Make A Wish Evening with The Colts. We were UAW Region 3 guest. As usual, great company and great food.

I felt beautiful in a borrowed dress from Ms Sheri, who is wonderful about keeping me in the right attire. (Somehow I felt prettier than I looked).

When they started the 'Live" bidding, I listened to Dallas Clark tell us all how we needed to dig deep into our pockets, about how each "Wish" cost about $6,000, and he wanted someone to start the night off right with a $6,000 wish right now. About that time, I stopped paying attention and noticed a tickle where my bangs were brushing into my eye.

I made a fatal mistake.

I raised my hand to brush my bangs.


Dallas points to me, says we have a WISH GRANTED! Thank you for your generosity! Please raise your bid card so we can see your number.

I froze.

Again he ask to see the bid card. I want to turn and ask Sergio what to do. I am frozen except for my heart which is beating like a scared rabbit.

Then out of the corner of my eye I see Mo stand (Sergio's boss sitting two seats from me), I hear his voice & turn as he is waving his bid card and tearing up about the Make A Wish Foundation.

I am so relieved! Dallas was talking to Mo not me!

I sat on my hands for the rest of the night.

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