Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Favorite Iris

Isn't this splendid? I grew it at the old house. It took me about 4 years to get it right. I got some iris' from two friends flower beds. I tried to blend them to get a new color. It started with liking the colors purple & yellow together. I also planted white ones in the same bed. This beauty and a couple more sprouted this year.

I just finished transferring some into a new spot at the new house. I am hoping that I will get this blend again. I left most at the old house, just thinned it out for better growth and to take a bit with me. I have my fingers crossed that they will bloom bi-colored again. (At least some of what I transferred!)

Iris' have always been my favorite flower. They are so delicate and fragile. They do not have a lovely fragrance. They just have such a beauty I am drawn to.

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Anonymous said...

What a most beautiful flower. I always think of you when I see an Iris. Don't forget to nurture yourself so you can blossom again. Find the joy, it's there, just sometimes harder to find. I love you! ...Deb