Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Howe Block Party

Saturday night's Howe HS Block Party was a success. Although I left Sergio at home with his back out, I ventured out without him. I love any opportunity to see my sister Julie. Also, knowing that I would run into some old school friends was exciting. Just seeing others reconnect was the most fun. Watching my Sis with her girlfriends was a hoot. Hearing "Audio Diner" and "Big D" (schoolmates that play wonderful music) was a delight as always. I got to see some oldies that I will always love.

The night was beautiful, with a light crisp breeze. Several of the local shops stayed open for us. I of course was very grateful for Lazy Daze, as I am the biggest coffee fan. Tables were on the street. Police blocked the road, and the night was just wonderful.

I cut the night short. I was missing my Sergio, and feeling guilty. He was so looking forward to the night too. I got to see many of his oldies. He would have completely the evening. I am sure he would have enjoyed it.

We would have stayed late and laughed all night.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics!

Good to see you.

I just love my double chin,