Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Foreign Exchange Students

This is a photo of Sheri, a foreign exchange student, and me. The Exchange student is in the middle (that big hair girl is Sheri). I can't remember the Exchange students name. She stayed with me for a few nights during something we were involved with in Student Council. She was a very interesting girl. Strange to us, but interesting.

I remember trying to talk my folks into getting involved in an exchange program hosting a student for the year. This was a sample if you will. The girl kept talking about sex and kindof freaked us all out. I never asked about hosting again.

Sheri & I had several friends that were foreign exchange students. We befriended a girl and "Americanized" her having her pierce her ears. She said she felt like a cow, where I come from this is how we mark our farm animals! Sheri and I still laugh about that.

My niece is enjoying her year in Germany. I read her blog and love hearing of her adventure. I could never go so far for so long! Michelle is picking up the culture and adjusting well. Reading her blog reminds me of us back in the 70's taking our exchange students everywhere with us embracing them into our lives.

I hope that Michelle is emerged into friendships as well as the culture. I have lifelong memories with the friends I made so long ago.


rebecca said...

Hi ya Girley,
It's Beck I just love seeing whats new on this thing. Hay are we still on for saturday nite give me a call. Your number got deleted from my phone.


sroman said...

I can't remember her name either. It did give me a belly laugh to see that hair!