Monday, September 1, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA. My life has been complete confusion. I have been chasing my tail trying to complete too many tasks.

We have pretty much moved. I have been sleeping at the new house for two weeks now. We still have a "shitload" of stuff at the old house & I am befuddled at how to get this finished. I have stuff I want to keep, but no where to store. Stuff to give to Goodwill, but hate to give it away. Also I have way too much that needs to be trashed. Alot of clutter. And I really need to CLEAN! The dust bunnies from behind furniture that hasn't been moved in 10 years are more like dust puppies. Hair and all. The Banton house is stuffy & stinky from being closed up without the air on. There is also the sentimental attachment, we have ten wonderful memories raising the girls in this house. I have gotten more emotionally then I expected.

The new house is coming along quite nicely. We still have many updates and corrections to make. Everyday I find a new problem. It is starting to look like home now though. It has been fun trying to find a place for everything, improvising and decorating. I have a ton of stuff stacked in the garage and I can't find several things in the stacks. Slowly it is getting there.

My allergies are killing me! The pollen is bad this year. I have sneezed so much my nose is sore. Plus, the double sneezes make me pee a little! My face itches, and my throat & ears tickle. I am miserable. At least it makes me less focused on the depression. I can't wait for the first frost. That always makes the pollen go away.

I am glad to have my Internet up and running. I have lots to write about but little time. In fact, I must sign off for now, but will try to finish playing catch up this evening.

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sroman said...

Hang in there girlfriend.