Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wedding Brat

This weekend we attended a reception to a wedding. The bride was lovely and the groom was as handsome as they come. Amazing to see him grow up so fast into this charming young man. They had a beautiful cast of attendants. The bridesmaids wore a soft champagne colored gowns, pearls and hair pinned up. The groomsmen all were dashing in their black tuxedos. There was a junior bridesmaid & groomsman, and two younger flower girls. The youngest was 4 and I heard she did a lovely job with her rose petals, walking down the aisle like a little angel. She was very well behaved at the reception. Even though her mom was in the wedding and apart from her for the majority of the reception, this little girl seemed to understand and was very patient, staying with her Daddy and another woman for most of the evening. She laughed and enjoyed the reception and was obviously a well behaved little girl. The older flower girl was maybe 7, and although she looked very sweet in her dress, refused to go down the aisle, then made a complete nuisance of herself at the reception. She annoyed the crap out of me. Sergio laughed at me saying let it go. But I just got frustrated that her parents let her continue to distract others and misbehave. She ran around blowing out the candles on the tables, stealing all the candy and bells and just drove me crazy. Lucky for her, I did not know her or her parents. Heads would have rolled. I felt sorry for the grooms sister as she often tried to calm the child and distract her from her mischief. This young woman just graduated from college and is about to become a fine elementary teacher.

I don't understand why the parents would sit there (beer in hand) and let this child be such a brat. Why was she in this wedding? What kind of bond did they have with the wedded couple?

I have been to so many weddings where a child will become unruly. Is it really that difficult to get a sitter? I remember happily getting a sitter because it was "date time" for my husband and me, and I would have died of embarrassment if my child misbehaved, or "ruined" someones wedding.

And please, please, let me tell you now. When my girls marry, don't bring your little ones unless they are complete angels! Even if they are angels, maybe they would have more fun with a sitter. Let my little angel enjoy her day.