Monday, June 23, 2008

Stupid FASFA Application

I finally finished the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application. You have to use this to apply for student loans. Emily will be starting her Sophomore year at Ball State University in August.

I procrastinate and always seem to get it done at the last moment. A long time ago, I was one of those people that was always on time, even early for stuff like this. I don't know what happen.

Anyway, the application stresses you out like crazy. Thank you to Chris & Trina @ the FASFA hot line for your understanding and walking me through the scary parts. I will say they have the nicest people working for them. Very understanding and helpful. That alone is something to applaud. I wish all customer service was that nice.

After an hour online answering these financial questions (this is with a worksheet that I have been working on for a couple of days with all the data ready), I finally finished. In a few days, I will get an email telling us we do not qualify for financial aid, however will be processed for student loans. According to their calculations I should have $19,400 family contribution. HaHaHa. I wish I did have $19,000 to contribute then I wouldn't need to fill out these applications for Student loans. Besides letting me know I am a loser for not saving up for her college expense, it will inform us that Emily will qualify for a loan of around $3,000 at a low interest and will not have to repay till she finishes school. Then it will tell me that my Parent student loan, will be at a higher rate and I get to start paying that in about 6 months, on top of the one I am already paying for last year. :)

Trust me, if you have plans to have kids, start saving immediately. It will sneak up on you.

Annie has one more year of high school, then I will have two in college. Annie is at Butler this week for Yearbook camp. She will fall in love with this private university that cost 4 times what Ball State University cost and I will have a heart attack.

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sroman said...

You will not have a heart attack. Butler has lots of student aid. Ball State and IU both have excellent journalism programs.