Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please Let Me Sleep!

I am so tired! I recently started back with FedEx and have so much to re-learn as well as many new task. That's fine, I love staying so busy that time flies. It is a good job and I love the people. It is exhausting trying to get back in the groove.

Annie is still at Butler for Yearbook Camp, and Emily got home from Florida, then from camping at St Paul. I am trying to get my laundry out of the way so Emily can get hers done quickly as Annie will start this evening. (Thank goodness they can get their own done).

Sergio has been working on a negotiation from one of his plants in Kentucky. I think the phone is growing out of his ear. This one has in in overdrive stress-wise. Hopefully while he is there today, he can get it settled and not bring it home with him.

My house is a mess. It always is. I just can't seem to learn after all these years how to keep it clean and orderly. I have several projects started, piles everywhere (toss, keep, new house, goodwill, etc). Every time I get started, something or someone will distract me with something they need. My secret years ago, was to clean it when the girls were babies in bed, and Sergio was at work. With a little Areosmith or Lynryd Skynryd, I can accomplish much at midnight!)I do not have time for myself, except for a few minutes here or there usually typing away in this blog. We have a showing coming up though so I need to really get it clean and make it stay that way.

Last night, I went to bed while Sergio was on a late phone conference. I was awaken by a phone call @ 11:30pm, it was not major, a family problem that we were able to take care of. However now I was awake. A little Advil PM, and I was back asleep. Until Sergio woke me up telling me the puppy was having an accident on the carpet. I jumped up to take care of it, and I kept asking him where? We then discovered that the puppy and other two dogs were fast asleep on the bed. HE DREAMED IT!!!! (That what kind of dreams he has, the pets messing up the house). With that being a false alarm, back to wonderland for a few hours. I feel so tired today. I think I must go to bed early tonight so I can try to get a better nights sleep!

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