Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not My Forte

As much as I want to be a wonderful cook, I always seem to be unsuccessful at attempts.

My first problem is getting past the fact that the meat use to be an animal. I tried fried chicken once, never again, although Sergio said it was quite tasty. If the meat looks like animal parts I have a harder time. I can be very crafty with hamburger though.

My second problem is the cost of the ingredients to get the really yummy stuff. Especially deserts, which is my all time favorite food. I tend to refrain from cooking things with an ingredient that I may not use again before it expires.

And third, I get so darn side tracked! Maybe if I could master multi-tasking better. Or if I just had more time to do things right.

Today, Sergio "agreed" to grill out Steaks for the girls. Emily is leaving for Florida (again) and wanted to have a family meal with all four of us. Sergio was coming home from Bowling Green, Kentucky, so he told us what to buy and we got things started. Now, honestly, the grill has always been his thing. Why is it that a man loves to "grill out"? He can cook the best any and everything on the grill. We got a call from him saying he was in heavy traffic and would be delayed, start without me. So, much to my dismay, I fired up the grill. I tried to do it all just like he does, but somehow those Rib Eyes, slightly burned. Bummer! The girls ate them anyway, and even said they were good (what sweet liars I have raised).

I dream of being a great cook like my friend, Sandy. I have tried to make her wonderful candies, cookies and such, but they never ever taste like hers. I think I would rather just sit and gab with her as she did the cooking. I would be happy to lick the spoons & eat the rejects like she use to let me when I was a little girl.

As much as I fantasize about being that great chief, maybe it just isn't my forte.

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sroman said...

No one measures up to Sandy. I don't know why we even try. By the way, I love fried chicken. I allow myself to eat it a couple of times a year but I refuse to fix it at home. Getting rid of the grease -- Ugh!