Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Clothing Tags

Emily got home from Florida this morning & gave me a sweatshirt from my favorite little town in the panhandle. I ripped the tag off, and was grateful for the rainy day, an excuse to wear a new sweatshirt in the middle of June! I can not have anything for more than a couple of days without wearing it.

Growing up, I use to freak out looking into Sheri's closet. She ALWAYS had clothes still with the tag, begging to be worn. I would try to force her to wear the darn things! She would casually say, oh, I was going to wait to wear that to so & so.. Drove me crazy! Partly because I would never dream of borrowing something so new that the tag was still on it, partly because it just bugged me!

Her little clone is my daughter Emily. Mind you she bears the middle name, Sheri. I once again have found a closet I can not stand to go into because she too, loves to have new clothes still with the tags, hanging in the closet. That is just ... weird.

I think Sheri secretly trains Emily to mimic her to drive me crazy! Just kidding girls, after all I did name her E Sheri.

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sroman said...

I don't know how many decades it is going to take for you to realize this darling girl has my DNA. Remeember those doctors appointments? Remember her birth? I was there and I made sure she was a teensy bit mine.