Monday, June 9, 2008

It's US!!!

First I must explain that I am "Giddy" as Sheri would say about the upcoming "Girls Weekend", at the end of June. My "Lifers" and I will get together to share laughs, tears, food & wine, and new memories. We get together yearly, usually we meet somewhere neutral in between Collierville, Tennessee and Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, once again, Deb is flying to us and we will take over Sheri's house (sorry Dan).

This has been a wonderful tradition and I do believe it saves us and renews our friendship. These girls are everything to me & I could not love them more if we shared the same blood.

Flash back to today. I was impatiently trying to get in some Sam's shopping. I kept running into a group of Goldies in my aisle. Every time I turned around these ladies would be in my way. There were three of them. Around 75 -80 years old. This one Goldie said, rather loudly to her friends, "WHAT ABOUT COD? SHOULD WE GET SOME COD?" The other two looked at each other and one roller her eyes. The Goldie said, "I WANT COD..."

That is when it dawned on me..... That is US in another 30 years!!! These gals could be on a Girlfriend Week or Weekend. I started to chuckle. One gal had the cart, looking like, lets get this done gals...just like Deb. Another was the leader, walking ahead, as if she knew what they needed & where it was... just like Sheri. And finally, the last gal had her hands on her hips, standing just like I do.
I took a picture secretly with my cell phone & sent it to Deb.

I hope that we will be having Girls Weekend in thirty years as we do today. We got through our teens, 20's, 30's, and now 40's. Deb with her Merlot, Sheri with her Chardonnay, and me with my White Zinfandel. All alittle different but very much the same.

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