Friday, June 13, 2008


I am one of those that must always use spell check. I hate it when I use the wrong spelling of a word & it doesn't get caught because it is correct spelling for another meaning. I keep a dictionary and Thesaurus with me at all times. Next to my computers, with me at work, and even a tiny one in my purse or car.
I also am fortunate enough to have Sheri on speed dial. She is my walking talking dictionary. She always knows what word I am trying to find, how to spell it and the definition. I use to get so frustrated with her parents when we were kids because her Mom always made Sheri go an extra mile with homework especially when dealing with any English, her Dad was the Penmanship Nazi, it always had to be perfect or rewritten. We had things to do & places to go! They were always slowing us down!
Funny how I have slightly become them. I do the same to my girls. I made Annie take Etymology, and she is now very grateful. Emily should have, I don't know how she slipped by. I guess I am hard on them because I wish my folks were harder on me. It is embarrassing to misspell! You feel unintelligent. duhhh. At least I have the drive to always try to catch my mistakes & correct them. Now if I could just work on my English language!

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sroman said...

You're being too hard on yourself but one of my favorite traits of yours is the constant pursuit of learning. I love it that neither of us is afraid to say, "I don't understand."

People who think they know it all usually don't.