Thursday, June 5, 2008

How do You Sleep?

Some people are able to fall asleep within minutes of their head hitting the pillow. Others toss and turn all night. I am in the middle. If I have a clear head (not to stressed out) and I am tired, I can pretty much count on falling asleep shortly after saying my prayers. BUT, if I am stressed, or Sergio is snoring, if I can hear the girls with their friends having a sleepover, or if I am hot, it's useless.

A couple of years ago, we invested in the best bed ever! I talked Sergio into a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. LOVE IT!!!! I am a 70 and Sergio is a 90. I change it up sometimes, and go low for extra softness when I feel I need to be swallowed in comfort. Sergio swears it doesn't help but he sleeps so much better and is stiff after a night out of town on a hotel bed.

I also am a weird bird about my sleep position. I am a side sleeper with my left leg extended and my right pulled up (Sergio says I look like a flamingo). The dogs sleep with us too much to Sergio's protest. Bandit up against my leg or butt, Dakota in the hole of my right legs position. I sleep better with them touching me. It drives Sergio crazy but he is the one that first invited them.

I crack up sleeping with others. My Grandma Kitty use to drape her leg over me. Sheri is a silent sleeper that makes me wonder if she is dead. Deb wont sleep with me anymore because I video taped her freight train snore (the loudest snore I have ever hear!) But I still love you Deb- sorry I taped it but it was hilarious!

You know, we spend a third of our life sleeping? My Dad always said: A third in Bed, A third on your feet, always buy the best bed & shoes you can afford. Also always take care of your eyes, with proper corrective glasses and such.

I always remembered that.


sroman said...

I fear I am no longer a silent sleeper -- sinus issues abound. My friend Patsy used to take pictures of me sleeping and then mail them to me as a postcard!

ian said...

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