Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

My sister is 48 today! I am still 45 (tee hee, for another couple of weeks anyway!). That always made her proud to be three years instead of two for those couple of weeks. Then as we got older, I turned the tables and teased her about being so much older during those two weeks.

Julie is a wonderful sister. She is always there for me. Has always held me up and has always been very supportive. We had to be strong for each other. We endured an interesting childhood and have gained much from it. Always knowing she was there for me got me through more than she will ever know.

We were far from perfect. We had our squabbles and have had some pretty evenly mean sister fights. But sisters do that and then we forgive each other quickly. You got to have the bad moments to appreciate the good. It amazes me how much I see us in my daughters. It is downright weird!

Yeah, it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Jul, I love you!


sroman said...

Happy Birthday to Julie. When did we all get so damn old? Although, she still looks like a teenager.

Anonymous said...

My sister, Jan, is the best sister in all the universe. As you can see she is an amaaazzzing writer! I can attest to the fact that she is also the best mother in the universe as well, since both her daughters are the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful girls to be found. She is extremely thoughtful and has a heart that can in no way fit into her teeny tiny body (I know Jan, you think you've grown a bit, but you're still tiny!!!) Along with a heart of gold, she has a zany, fun sense of humor. That is one thing our family will always cling to... our ability to see how stupid and crazy we all are and laugh with each other til it hurts.
Janie, I love you dearly and will always feel so very blessed that you are MY sister.