Monday, June 2, 2008

The Field Trips

My husband must travel frequently with his business. Many years ago, it was easiest to tell the girls, Daddy has to go on a Field Trip for work. They understood that. They had field trips with school so it was easier to know he'll be back after his field trip was finished.

When they were little we had a routine. When Daddy went on a field trip, they girls knew that meant we would be a little sillier and have special girl time while he was away. We always had breakfast for dinner, desert type breakfasts and they always slept with me either all in my bed or camping out in the living room. We would watch movies, play with each others hair and just acted a little sillier.

As they grew up, Daddy's field trips were fewer between. So when he did go, we picked up where we left off. Only difference was we either camped out in the living room or they took turns sleeping in my bed. The three of us were just fidgety and too big for three in the bed.

Sergio now has more frequent field trips again. This week he's on a field trip. Emily & I ate spaghetti (she's not a big breakfast fan anymore), Annie ate at work. Then Emily went on a date, and Annie visited with me for half an hour before out the door to spend the night with a girlfriend.

Times have changed. They have grown up and have gotten busy. I still enjoy the field trips. It gives me a little me time (and yes I act sillier than usual). I stay up late, but writing & reading on the computer and watching shows Sergio doesn't watch. When the girls are both out, I eat my breakfast for dinner.

At least my three dogs will happily cuddle with me in bed!

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