Saturday, June 7, 2008



I wish that I invented Febreze. Or at least I took stock in it in the beginning years. I have spent a small fortune on this product. With three dogs, two cats, as well as two teens & a husband, my house can get pretty stinky.

Our home is on the market currently and my goal is to remove all traces of the pets. As a Realtor, I know that if you are animal people, it doesn’t faze you. However, if you are not, even the sight of a dog toy can make a buyer announce that they smell dog. Cat boxes are the other issue. I tell my home sellers they must at a minimum scoop twice a day. If I can achieve that daily why can’t others?

Today is another rainy day. So, we have an overabundance of wet dog smell. I think I will use an entire bottle of Febreze.

One more note: Yesterday I bought those oil/reed diffusers. It says that it takes a couple of days before you will notice it working. I will let you know how well it works!

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sroman said...

The concept of Febreeze is a good one but I don't like the scent. Sometimes I open the windows and spray Lavendar Linen Scent on the screens. It's much more pleasant.