Friday, June 6, 2008

Dog Tired!

This is my Baby Girl "Riley". She is a Blue Tic Coonhound". We ruined her, turning her into the best 100+ pound lap dog! She lives inside while the rest of her breed are outside hunting dogs.

Riley has Thyroid disease. We thought she was just getting fat & lazy. But she was dying from a disease that we didn't even know dogs could get. She topped at 120 pounds (remind you this breed shouldn't get over 60-70 max!) She has been on a medication for the past month and it is amazing that she is the same dog! She has lost about 25 pounds and she has gotten active and spunky. She happily runs with the other dogs again!

Today I took her for a walk. Or I should say, she took me for a walk. My shoulders and calves are killing me. She is pretty pooped too. I guess that is where we get the expression Dog Tired!

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