Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birdie Birdie In My Pool

Birds can't swim. Especially baby birds learning to fly.

Tis' the season for the Indiana Red Breasted Robins to push their babies out of the nest in hopes that they will take flight. Not always the case. There always seems to be one in the nest not quite ready.

We try to discourage nest building in our pine trees that line the back yard. Front yard, no problem, back yard... there is a problem, or two or three. Having three dogs and two cats, my yard is not exactly a safe yard for any kind of baby.

My neighbor has beautiful pines that yearly are full of bird nest. They have a dog, but it is kindof a dumb dog that would be more afraid than curious of a baby bird. My cats would hunt them down, my dogs play with it till it is gone.

Last evening, Riley was barking at the pool. I know this bark, it's the, "hey look what I have "trailed". I ran out and this little baby bird is flapping his wings, face down in the water. I netted him out, placed him over the fence into the neighbors safe yard, and put Riley in the house (if you have ever heard a Coon Hound's hunt bark, you understand why I had to take her in). I ran around the fence to see what kind of shape baby bird was in. He was soaking wet & exhausted. Panting with his little eyes shut. I stuck my finger under his claws to pick him up, he clung on for dear life just staring at me and I crawled over under a tree and stuck him on a branch in the sun. Had a little chat with him then left him there to re coop.

He is still in the tree, about five feet higher (yea!). But he isn't ready to try that flying again just yet.

Silly little bird!

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