Friday, June 13, 2008

Annie Takes Flight

This picture was actually taken over a year ago. I like it alot. Annie is always creative taking pictures. I need her to download some more current cool ones but she is such a busy beaver catching her free is hard to do!
Annie will be starting her final year of high school in just a couple of months. Where did the time fly? She was just a baby not that long ago.
I am so proud of her and her achievements. She has always gone the extra mile and worked just a little harder to grasp the golden ring. She puts her mind to something and there is no stopping her. She has dabbled in many things finding satisfaction in her curiosity. Sometimes she will just try something out and move on sometimes she discovers a new passion.
She worked very hard at Cheerleading for five years. She has cheered both competitive as well as school. She was a Flyer for all five years and my heart was often in my throat when they tossed her into the air like a rag doll. She sustained injuries from this sport and never complained. Her ankles, wrist and back will never be the same. Ask any cheerleader and they can tell you about pain.
Annie decided to venture in a new athlete direction after her sophomore year. She discovered Tennis & Golf. It was humbling going from a squad captain to player with the least experience, but Annie didn't mind and picked up both sports fairly well (I don't see scholarships lining up in either of these sports, however she is having a ball and learning about sports she can continue her lifetime).
Annie has also succeeded in leadership skills. She has been an ASL Ambassador, Student Council, Natural Helpers, Quiz Bowl, SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions), National Honor's Society, and lives for Journalism Yearbook. Going into her Senior year she will hold the titles of Vice President of Student Council and Yearbook Editor. As well as continue in her other clubs and commitments.
She has this wonderful passion for Fashion & Journalism and is looking toward that goal for college choices. She has been dressing her big sis and friends for years!
Annie also makes time for her job as hostess at a local family ran restaurant called Sero's.
She really has it on the ball. She has grown up so quickly. She has some pretty amazing friends and her boyfriends is a great guy too. I want her to enjoy this final year and take in as much as she can. It will fly by. I want her to relish every moment and be prepared for her College adventure that will be soon upon us. I know she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She is a strength, a power. An incredible young woman that I am so very proud of.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! LIVE the life you've imagined. ~Thoreau

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I'm a little biased but What A Girl!