Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Tattoo

Pretty Scary. Or is it?

This is my 19 year old baby Girl, Emily's foot (along with her friends foot). Emily's is the one that says "Faith". She had thought about this long and hard. She had always talked about wanting to get one. If you know my Emily this might surprise you. She just doesn't come across as a girl with a tattoo. (I know that made me sound old and judgemental!)

Anyway, back in January she had an assignment in one of her classes to find a sub culture group that she doesn't know anything about, blog about it, study it, discover it, and report about it. It was an assignment that took the entire semester to finish. After much searching she decided to do it on Tattoo parlors, and the people that get tattoos. Suddenly she is really learning alot on this subject. She visited many websites, tattoo parlors, and interviewed several artist as well as people that have tattoos. Through her education she became more intrigued.

Then came the talk to Mom & Dad.
At first, my husband was "NO WAY, DON'T EVEN GO THERE WITH ME!!!" I could not get over the thought of her foot being mutilated. But then we listened to her. When did she grow up? She approached it very mature, and after all she is 19 and did not have to ask for our approval. But she did, and our approval meant everything to her. So, much to our surprise, we gave her our blessing...kindof. I mean, at least she really looked into it and it wasn't something random that she had done one drunken night. And she didn't get something stupid or , a name or get it in an obvious spot. Her choice of location and what she had put on was ...okay. We understood. Lord, my Mother was freaking out when I got my ears double pierced! Times have changed. Oh and by the way, Emily also researched removal of tattoos.


sroman said...

Get over it. It's done. At least she didn't mar her body on a place that may blow up later in life.

Plus, maybe it will be a constant reminder to have faith.

Anonymous said...

sroman, "get over it"??

Excuse me, but the mother who wrote this blog was not fretting about her daughters decision one bit.

As a matter of fact, what I gathered from this blog was that she was expressing just how grown up and mature her daughter was being about the entire situation. I think the mother who wrote this blog is a wonderful woman, and I'm happy she took to her daughter's opinions with an open mind. What a much needed, refreshing approach in the lines of parenting!

Mom, sounds like you've done a fine job raising such a wonderful daughter. I've got one on the way and I can only hope that I have such a great relationship with her, that she feels secure in coming to me for acceptance and to talk, even when she's past the age of needing my approval.

sroman, perhaps you should actually read the blog and find it's true meaning.

janis said...

Dear Anonymous~
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very Blessed to have two wonderful daughters & I do feel we have a great relationship.
Please understand that SRoman, has much to do with why they are so wonderful. She is their Godmother and Emily's namesake. She has helped more than anyone (except their dad) in turning them into these mature young women.
Here comment was short & sweet. I understood her. We talk daily and the poor woman heard me fret for MONTHS prior to Emily getting the tat.
So to all due respect, trust me, SRoman can say anything to me here in the blog or in person. I don't know what I would do without her.