Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snooping Mom

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to check up on the girls with their Internet sites. Myspace & Facebook.

I have always monitored Myspace as I felt that if you put it out on the Internet, it's fair game & I will be checking in. The girls have had their accounts for years. Rarely have I disapproved of something and had them remove. They most hated that I "snooped" at their friends pages also. But, being a Mom, I wanted to know what their friends are up to since they hang out together. Besides, many of their friends pictures included my girls. As the years have past, Myspace became less popular & Facebook more popular with them. This is different in many ways and harder to snoop! Therefore more popular for them to have.

I proceeded to try and get onto Facebook. Much like Myspace, I had to create a page for myself in order to get in. I just put the basic info that must be added: name, city, birth date. Then I hit enter. Oh My Gosh! Next thing I knew, not only did I become a member, but it automatically added me to several of my email contacts that had Facebook accounts, asking: Can I be your friend? What the heck??? I didn't ask it to do this! It was some kind of teen trick that caught me with my hand in the cookie jar!!! Twelve messages went out. Three or four to Emily's friends, a couple to Annie's, and the rest to random adults I know through business, family & or friends.

How Embarrassing!!! I started to receive responses and was getting added to contacts. I also got messages added to my "wall". I sent an email to all that received begging for my forgiveness and that I was only trying to be a snooping Mom. That I have no idea how to "read my wall comments" and that I promise to stay away from Facebook and not snoop so much. That trusting my girls and asking them to view from time to time would be enough! I had learned my lesson! I am sticking to email.

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sroman said...

All Moms should be snoops. I think it should be a mandatory part of the job description.