Saturday, May 3, 2008

She's Home!!!

Last night I picked up my 19 year old baby girl, Emily, from Ball State University. She is home for the summer! Her first year of college is under her belt, she did very well, she succeed and she has grown up so much.

The past 9 months have gone better than I feared. I felt comfortable with her at BSU, I raised her best I could. It was now up to her to do the best with what we gave her.

I could not have been more proud.

She worked very hard with her classes. Double majoring in Elementary Education and Special Education. She loaded herself with classes, and managed to work part time in an office as well.

She made many lifelong friends, joined a Sorority (She's a Chi-O girl!), and enjoyed the very social life of college living.

Being home after 9 months of living with her peers will be an adjustment. I am sure we will manage. Before we know it she will be off again, back to BSU. I plan on enjoying every minute I have with her. She has grown into this very amazing young woman that I could not possible love more.

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