Friday, May 9, 2008


I have been Blessed with many friends. Throughout my life I have had a variety of friends that are very different as well as very similar. We meet and start friendships for reasons of situations; neighborhood, children's school & friends, work and by chance.

They come and go. Sometimes you pick up again, sometimes you never see each other again. You may outgrow each other. Some will just not have as much in common and move on. And sometimes you just break that friendship trust and bond.

It is a wonderful feeling to run into someone that you hadn't since for a long time & to pick up where you left off. These are the friends that are there with you in thoughts and prayers. They would come for you in an instant if you called.

The best of friends are the "Lifers". I have been Blessed with a couple myself. My Lifers are my lifeline. I can't imagine not having them to confide in, to fall into their arms when I need a hug, or just talk to them on a weekly basis. We see each other through thick & thin. Through weddings, and divorces. Through pregnancies and raising kids. We know more about each other than imaginable. Our husbands and kids would freak if they know how much we share. But we can not imagine not sharing, bouncing off thoughts and information. We are critical of each other but we love and appreciate the honesty. We have know each other forever, and will till we die. At this point, nothing could keep us from being friends.

To my Forever Friends,Sheri & Debbie, My Lifers, I salute you. I thank God for you and look forward to another 35+ years.

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sroman said...

This made me cry. We are lifers. There is nothing either of you could tell me that would rock or change our friendship.

Plus, we always manage to track each other down. There is no escape!