Thursday, May 22, 2008

The High School Website

I went to Thomas Carr Howe High School. There is a website for our school ( ). On occasion I would pop on, got caught up on some current events of peoples lives. It is fun to check the general message board. Usually there hasn't been much, except when a reunion was coming up. Or occasionally someone is looking for someone.

However, lately there is alot of activity on this website. It kindof started with the Class of 1981. Someone wrote something intriguing about old feelings then one by one people started to try to figure out who, what, & where. Then it just got fun & sociable. Reading the stories is like going down memory lane. New post started coming in. Other classes wanted to have their own classes throw out some memories (including my class ~1980~). The comments are funny. The class of 1981 has well over 10,000 hits already! Either it is addicting or too many people have nothing better to do. Now, even I, find myself checking it daily. Sometimes I will add something, sometimes just laugh at what I read.

It reminds me of the younger generation with their MySpace & Facebook. It just is something interesting and addicting. I also have to read my Bestie's Blog every day. Since Sheri is a writer, it is always written well, keeps you interested. Makes you think. Reading it is the first thing I do in the morning with a cup of coffee, as well as the last thing at night I read.

Although I will never have such a gift to write as Sheri, nor reach out to as many people as the Howe website, I will continue to write in this little Blog. It is a release for me. A wonderful way to speak my peace. My audience is tiny. I have told several about it, but only have one faithful reader (Thanks for believing in me & encouraging me Sheri!). I just want to have fun with it.

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sroman said...

You're underestimating yourself. You have many faithful readers. I love your stories and I also must check to make sure you haven't posted some dreadful photo of me. You own them all!