Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Intentions

I am the Queen of Good Intentions!

This morning while having a chat with my Mom, this became apparrent. We were discussing upcoming graduations, particularly, my niece, and I was telling my Mom this great idea I had to do for the neice, as well as other kids I know going through graduation. But even trying to do a smaller scale of this project will be well outside my budget. I will end up giving an envelope with a note & check (which she will be grateful for). I will be disappointed because my idea is really cool.

I am one of those people that always think of good things to do for someone or something but rarely find the time (or money) to follow through. When someone does something no matter how small, I want to thank them. Show appreciation. Especially for the little things. Sure, I have manners and try to always say, "Thank You" & "Have a Nice Day". But I always want to do more. I want people to know that it matters that they have been kind or helpful. It seems that we always are ready to complain. We always make the time to file that complaint. But why is it that we don't make the time to let a manager know that the employee went an extra mile that was appreciated? Or remember to send a random email to a teacher, thanking them for being patient with our child?

I am also always procrastinating about crafty projects. I have a ton of baby clothes that are going to "one day" be turned into Christmas tree skirts for the girls and myself. I have several scrapebooks, pretty paper, stickers & photos waiting to be put into adorable gifts for my girls (I was up late hours trying to get a couple done for Emily's graduation last year). They sit in boxes waiting to be created.

Then there is the business side of me....I have organizing methods, but the piles are climbing that need to go into that system. And don't even ask me about the taxes... for last year!

Maybe, I need to manage my time better and prioritize. I will make a list.....

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sroman said...

You're probably spending too much time trying to help me catch up. Whatever happened to the paperless society?