Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dreadful "Fat" Pants

For years I have giggled about women having their "fat" pants. You know what I am talking about. The pants that you keep because you may gain weight and have nothing else that fits. The pants that most likely are sweats or some other kind of comfy pants with a draw string type closure.

I have been very blessed to be thin most my life. Okay, too thin for a majority of my life. However, after two kids and a Dietitian that taught me how to eat, I have maintained a healthy weight for at least 10 years. I love fattening foods. I eat olives, sweets, fried foods, buttered foods, and soda. I am a nibbler. Gotta have chips & dip, cookies, candy, all day.

Last year, things started to shift in my body. The alarms must have gone off and said.. "she's 45 now! make her look it!". At first, I wasn't to bothered about moving away from my "targeted weight". For 10 years I have had to get on the scales to be sure I was within this targeted weight. But, the problem had always been, going below, never did I exceed it. So, no problem, I felt normal. Now, it is becoming a problem.

I seem to have NOTHING that fits me in the area between my waist and knees. What the Sam Hell is happening? I have one pair of jeans I can squeeze into, but it is not pretty what spills over the waist. I have ripped out the liners in three of my dress pants. Last night I couldn't get into a pair of JAMMIE BOTTOMS!

I bought these slightly ugly Capri pants to wear to the Race for a Cure. I bought them because of the comfort factor and they have deep pockets. They are mesh, black & have a draw string. I seem to be wearing them alot lately. Yesterday I tried to wear them out in public. Sergio asked me to please change. Apparently he isn't ready for the rest of the world to see me wearing such things.

I need to go shopping. Better yet, maybe I will actually start exercising. Any suggestions on a quick reduction in the waist, butt, and thighs?


Pam said...

Hi, Janis! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for your nice words. I'm bookmarking your blog and will read up on it later this week.

And yes, I have some FAT PANTS! Don't we all? Right now I'm walking more and trying to eat lots of protein and less carbs to get out of those fat pants. That's the quickest way I know of to get rid of it.

Thanks again for commenting! Keep up the blogging...


sroman said...

We all have fat pants. Yours are cuter than most. Walk the dogs. Take some time for you. Stop weighing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jan, You look great. But if you are concerned, stop the junk. Nibble on something good for you.

janis said...

Dear Anonymous~ Thank you, but have you seen me lately?? Really? Besides, the good stuff doesn't taste as good as the junk!