Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can You Smell Him?

This isn't what you think.

I just got out of the shower and as I grabbed a fresh towel, I smelled a memory. It was Texas. My summers in Texas. My towel had that summer coastal smell for some reason.

Then I remembered something that happened 12 years ago. My Grandpa Texas was ill with Cancer. We had taken a week to visit with him & my Grandma. He wanted to take my girls to some places, give them some special memories of him. We then said our tearful goodbyes. My girls were too young to understand that this would be the last time they saw him. They absolutely loved him!

Then the next week, Annie was standing in the living room inhaling deeply. Again & again. Smiling as she giggled. I asked my 4 year old what on earth she was doing. She said, " He's here Momma! Don't you smell him?". I asked her who as I inhaled the room. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "HoHo! Can you smell HoHo? He is here with us Momma!". HoHo is what my girls called Grandpa Texas. I said, "No, Baby, HoHo is in Texas, I wish he was here though." She smiled and said, "He IS here Momma!". Then she ran off. A couple of hours later, I got the call that HoHo had passed early that day.

Which brings me to today. As I struggle with much anxiety and stress lately, my memory smell getting out of the shower, makes me feel..safe. Loved. Watched over. I think that God sends my angels to bring me peace and make me have more faith.

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sroman said...

You have LOTS of angels.