Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Belly Laughs

Yesterday I went to see one of my Besties. I am Blessed to live close enough to Sheri that we visit often & talk daily. I stopped by her house after work & had a lovely chat. We talk about everything, the good the bad & the ugly. As I was leaving, we walked toward the door. I had my phone, keys, glasses in hand. Gave Sheri a hug goodbye, then she opened the door... Her large lovable Black Lab, Gabby, came barrelling through at us, as if she thought, I was forgetting to say goodbye to her.

She scared the sh*t out of us! I threw my phone at her, it burst open & Gabby is totally into the excitement. Sheri & I busted into laughs. Not just the, Oh, that was so funny, but, giant belly laughs and we just couldn't stop. Tears in our eyes, Gabby in our embrace. I think all three of us really needed a good heartfelt belly laugh. Gabby, is a maniac puppy that was a true gift from God that reminds us to laugh. I love that Gabby Girl!

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sroman said...

Yes, she is a maniac. Only you would understand that she can knock us down and instead of getting furious, we can't stop laughing.

I like to think of her as a model of our friendship. If either of us needs something, we're allowed to knock something or someone over and say, "Pay attention to me!"