Friday, April 25, 2008

My Thrown Away Loves

I have thrown away loves. These are those who bring me much love and comfort. I am talking about my pets. Currently I have 2 cats and 3 dogs that were once in very bad situations then rescued and into our lives. My whole life I have had wonderful pets that have touched our lives, but that would be a whole book to write about them all.

Rocky is a beautiful Black cat that strayed into our lives on Halloween night. He had been dumped earlier in our neighborhood, and because of fear of harm to him on Halloween night, my husband brought him in, just for one night. That was in 1995. He was around two at the time so now is 15. He is a loving sweetheart.

In 2001, Riley came to us when she was just barely 5 weeks old. She is a full blooded Blue Tick Bloodhound. Her mother got hit by a car, and the owner couldn't care for all of the puppies. She ended up at the Pound the same day I stopped by. She won my heart immediately, as she seemed so independent and strong. She developed Parvo though at 6 weeks (I should have taken her to our Vet for the puppy check instead of the one the pound arranged, that is where she got exposed). Anyway, $2,000 dollars later she is a rare survivor. She is also very spoiled rotten. She is a large "ruined" indoor dog that is also very happy.

The fall of 2006, after losing our dear Bruno to Cancer, I talked Sergio into rescuing a dog from Second Chance. They buy dogs & cats that are to be euthanized from the shelters that can not find homes. Therefore, given a second chance to find a home. Bandit's original name was Max. The website said he was a Chihuahua-Shepard mix....okay, had to see that, and since he was going to be at the local Petsmart the next day...Annie & I were on it. When we got to the shop, we heard an obnoxious barking from one dog in the adopting area. I told Annie, that's got to be Max! Sure enough. In the middle of these cute "dogs" getting loved & petted, was Max barking his head off in a crate by himself. Annie stuck her hand in the crate & told him not to worry we were here now. He stopped barking and laid his head in her hand. We adopted him on the spot & he has been loved since. He is my naughty boy. He gets jealous easy and digs under the fence because he is so darn curious about what is happen in other areas. He also likes to destroy things. But, he stole our hearts and is forgivable for his moments.

Mischa is a scrawny kitten that was placed in our garage half starved, in the spring of 2006. She warmed Sergio up and has been with us since. To this day we do not know where she came from or how she got in our garage. An adorable loud cat that is a beauty. Very mischievous and fun to have around.

And lastly is my daughter Emily's, rescued Pomeranian, Dakota. We got Dakota this past November 2007. Emily had decided she must rescue a dog, from a puppy mill. So after much Internet searching, Dakota, a 4 month old parti-color Pomeranian, from an Amish puppy mill in Dayton, Ohio, was found as a match. Dakota had a handicapped leg from getting his leg smashed in a cage door, and was very fearful of everyone. He instantly warmed to our other pets, especially the dogs. It has taken some time, but he has gradually become a happy, playful, loving dog.

Well, that is it! I hope instead of boring you, I warmed your hearts. Go out there and adopt the unwanted. They will appreciate you like no other. And for the love of God, please spay & neuter your pets!

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sroman said...

I am an animal lover. I am a peon compared to you. Keep doing it.