Monday, June 25, 2007

Tick Tock

Is anyone else slightly freaked out how time is flying by so quickly? I mean, I remember my elders saying, "enjoy youth, one day time will fly!" I remember thinking, "Yeah, right!". But here I am constantly saying, "Oh my Gosh! How did it get so late?" Or, "Yikes! I need 5 more hours today!".

It would help if I could be a little more organized. Time management, that's what I need. Or maybe just a couple more hours per day!

Living in Indiana, we recently joined in on Daylight Savings Time. Whatever, it's confusing, then weird to be daylight @ 9pm. It doesn't give me more time.

I probably would be alright if I just slowed down instead of taking more & more on. I can not seem to say, "enough!" Or even, "I 'll pass on that!" I have too much going on & therefore, forget to make time for what is really important. You would think I would learn by now.

I am going to try to slow down & enjoy... I just don't have time today, maybe I will start tomorrow.


sroman said...

It's going way too fast.

A human kind of human said...

I love your closing paragraph as it describes my life perfectly. Hang in there - time flies and soon we will get to the age where we have no option but to relax and rest.