Wednesday, June 13, 2007

..just take my keys!

I recently bought a new car. This isn't a big deal, we buy a new vehicle almost yearly. What was different this time is I got a CAR.

For the last 18 years I have driven SUV's, & Trucks. I am use to being the big guy, people get out of my way & rarely cut me off. I am an aggressive driver & have a bit of road rage that I manage to keep just verbal (no one hears me except in my car). I think it's called Big Car Syndrome (I am in a big Bad vehicle, I make my own rules, get out of my way little cars!)

Driving a car for the first time in several years is quite the experience. No one gets out of my way now, and everyone is cutting me off. It surprises me as I am not use to it. Suddenly, I do not look so intimidating in this little car.

Some old lady almost killed me yesterday. She was in a small SUV. We were at a 4-way stop. She had her Right turn signal on, I was going straight. We approached the stop sign at the same time. Silly me, I thought Right Turn signals meant you were turning RIGHT. She turned LEFT nearly smashing into me. Then she had the nerve to glare at me (the way I did to little cars in my way). Did she have Big Vehicle Syndrome or just Old & Stupid?

Here is the thing, if I get stupid like that when I get old, JUST TAKE MY KEYS AWAY FROM ME!!!

I love this little car, and the gas mileage. I miss the big vehicle attitude and intimidation.


janis said...
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Anonymous said...

You're sane now. About the time that someone needs to take your keys, you won't be sane. We'll all be stubborn.

I hope I have some money by then. I'd love to have someone drive me around.

I'm going to practice. "To the Club, Frederick. And make it snappy."