Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting my hair done

I got my hair cut, colored & styled today. I feel way better. It was overdue.

I may have made a mistake though. When S. asked what did I want, I said, "I really don't care, what ever you think. I trust you". When she said thank you, I got that screaming gut feeling, "Wait stop! I do care! Don't f*ck it up! I am sensitive about my hair! especially my bangs." but I didn't say anything. I do trust her. S. decided I look better with it dark, lose the highlights. Okay. It feels so good when someone is doing my hair. I really don't care.

It looks pretty good. Alittle dark, but I will get use to it. S. knows hair well & I love her. Funny how hair isn't the issue it use to be with me. I have learned to relax. Besides if I change my mind, all I have to do is call her & she will happily change it any way I ask. I am lucky to have found her. She is the cheapest therapist I have ever had & is great with hair!

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Anonymous said...

Your hair could be blue and it would still look great.