Monday, June 18, 2007

Get Your Heads Together!

Every parent has a different way to deal with sibling conflict between their children. I, being a member of the Mean Mother's Club, found the perfect solution for my daughters.

I don't remember how I came up with it, but ask my girls about it & you are guaranteed a smile and a story. I even used this on the poor children that I babysat. We called it, "Getting your Heads Together".

The girls are arguing, just being mean, not sharing, or anything that involved just the two of them in a conflict. The object of this "punishment" is putting their foreheads together & making them come up with compliments about each other. The compliment can not be repeated. Depending on how mean or hurtful the crisis, would be bases for the amount of compliments that would be owed. Example: E- I love how make me laugh, A- I love your hair, etc. Trust me, after a couple of compliments with foreheads attached, they are cracking up within minutes & sorry for the fight. It always worked. The Babysat Kids thought I was nuts. Their parents loved this punishment & would continue to use it at home.

Recently at a Graduation party of a Babysat Kid, it was brought up. With much love & laughter we had to explain. I still think it is a great idea. I haven't done it in a long time, but I am going to use it on my 18 & 16 yr olds next time they are out of line.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I will try this with the oldies. Or, I will use PermaBond with my husband until he compliments me. Great idea!