Monday, June 18, 2007

44 & HOLDING!!!!

I am 44 years old.

At least for a few more hours. Tomorrow I turn 45! Yuck. That sounds old. I miss 42, 38, and 34. Those are good numbers. I hate the ones that end in 9, 5 or 0.

I don't feel old. Although sometimes my body tells me I am. I really hate when you notice an old person thing going on with the body. Every year it's something new. What's up with that?

What I love is my mind is the same. I am still a silly girl inside this old lady body. I like to sing loudly to any REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynard or Areosmith song. IF "Time for me to Fly", comes on, my friend & I still call each other up & say..."listen, this is for you!!!". Just like when we were 16. Sometimes I still feel the same as I did when I was 16, just smarter.

I share this Birthday Week with one of my oldest (as in time not age) and best friends. She declares it her Birthday week and celebrates or uses the week as an excuse for whatever she needs and wants. I have decided that is such a great idea and I should do the same. I am driving my family crazy. They keep reminding me that I am not S. therefore we don't celebrate all week. I know I am not her, but why not pick up on this wonderful concept!. They say they are not buying it.

Hmmm. I got flowers yesterday. My bed made this morning. Ice Cream this afternoon. Dinner made by the girls. And they are "hanging out with me". It is not my birthday yet.

I like Birthday Week! This might just make up for that ugly number I am turning!


Anonymous said...

I hope your birthday week was fabulous. As you were told recently, you could pass for 17. (Well, maybe in a dark room.) I will always call you when "Time for me to fly" is playing! Love, S.

A human kind of human said...

Lovely, you share your birthday with my eldest brother, a very special person in my life - one of only three men in my life that told me they loved me and meant it (the other two was my father and my husband). This week is my birthday week and I think I will try this stunt - not sure it will work though.