Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Mommy

Remember hearing of the horrible true story of little Lina? She is recorded as the worlds youngest mother... Ever. She was 5. Yes I typed that correctly. 5 years old. This young child had abnormalities causing her tiny body to "mature" quicker than the norm. Her menstruation is thought to have began before the age of four. Lina Medina had her child, a boy, by cesarean, 1939 in a Peru hospital. The Father was never exposed.
There are so many others. Not quite that young but not quite a teenager themselves. While many cultures expect or even embrace young Moms. Some believing that when a girl starts menstruating that they are ready for motherhood. Some are victims of abuse and neglect. And yet some are just stupid. Hence the Glamorizing in it with shows like The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Teen Mom.
I realize this is debatable. Some say that seeing what it is like makes girls NOT want to get pregnant. I work with High School Girls. Some watch Teen Mom. And they don't all see it the same way. I am bringing this up because a teenager recently shared with me what is happening in her own family. Her 12 year old cousin is scheduled to deliver triplets today. This child is having babies. Her Mommy told her she can keep them (like they were kittens or puppies). She was allowed to quit school (mind you she hasn't even started high school). The Baby Daddy? Ohhh yes. Her little 12 year old boyfriend is in Juvenile. Way to show maturity. Yeah... Can't stop thinking about this family. The how this could happen. And the what is going to happen to these precious babies, including the children that are now parents.

A friend of mine, Labor Delivery & Recovery Nurse, once delivered a baby from a 13 year old.  Six months later that baby was on the news as a missing child alert. My friend never heard what the outcome was.

I have an Aunt who's Mother had her first at just 14.  And she turned out to be one of the Best Momma's I ever knew. 

My own Mother was 19. I just couldn't imagine that. I certainly wasn't ready to become a Mom at 19! (I was 26).

I have heard of many stories that turn out beautifully with young Moms. I am not trying to pass judgement.  I am just trying to wrap my head around this child that will become a Mother of three at the age of 12.

I think about how we must have a license or degree to do so many things.  How we have age requirements and laws about them for so many things. Yet there is nothing... no guidelines rules or anything when it comes to reproducing.  If you have the equipment... that is enough.

How sad is this?