Thursday, May 24, 2012

today we say goodbye...

okay dokay... its almost showtime. i can do this. i got family & friends praying for me & God's got my back.
please continue prayers especially for Dad as it is starting to sink in.
please Lord, help me to remember everyone mourns differently and no way is the "right" way. Help me to see past negativity and help me to stay focused and poised. Help me to remember that I AM a good daughter, I AM a good Mother, Wife, Sister, and friend.
Guide me along this path, and help me to know that you put nothing in front of me that I can not handle. Help me to remember that You, precious Lord, will help me to be the Janis, my Mother is proud of.
And lastly, help me to help those that are suffering this loss with me. Help me to uplift Dad, keep Julie strong, comfort friends and family and set a Christian example helping others to seek our Heavenly Father♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trying Hard to Breathe through This..

Julie, Mom & Me May 11th, 2012
I am so behind...
I was just about to post to play catch up.  Have so much to say and it has been too long. I'm thinking, this evening I will post.
Wrong.  Not this Friday night...

My Mom has died.

I will write later, but I am so overwhelmed trying to get things in order and plan a funeral, and take care of my Father.  And grieve.

For now, any warm positive energy and prayers would be so welcomed.  Please pray that we will be strong.