Monday, December 31, 2012

And So it Goes...

It has been an eventful year for many. Especially me.
2012 has been rather life changing for me.
I lost my Mom,
became my Dad's care-giver.
I turned 50.
Almost lost my marriage, but instead strengthened it.
Had one Daughter not only graduate from college, but land her dream job.
While the other got the chance of a lifetime, studying abroad and catching dreams.

 Strengthened some friendships and family ties as well.

We have had some health scares. And we have had financial hic-cups.
The weather has been strange, down right crazy.
The World's current events have been terrifying with our own USA crime unbelievable.
The lack of respect and responsibility has been embarrassing.

Made some pretty major decisions. And started seeing things differently.

Through all this year, one thing is certain.  I have become a much stronger woman.  I have found my voice.  I think I have come to understand that regardless to what happens in my life, I have the power to stand... to take what God has put before me and to figure it out. 
I use to think that everything that happened was a part of God's plan... I don't so much anymore.  I do believe that He has planned my life and given me the opportunity to live life to its fullest. However... I do not find Him responsible for the evil and bad things that happen in our lives.  He helps us through the storms, and helps us from sinking.  He puts things in our paths to help us find the solid ground or even sometimes a floatation to get us to that solid ground. 
This I know.  God Loves Me.
As I pray I am doing what I should and it is good enough.
I have come to realize...I am enough.

I have caught my breath and I am ready for what 2013 has in store.  There are so many exciting things looming around the corner. I am thrilled to take on this year.  I am sure there will continue to be mountains to climb and valleys to cross, but, I'm good.
I got this.


JC said...

I do hope that this new year is good to you. That you have lots of laughs and enjoy the simple joys that each day brings.



Mimi Sue said...

Being enough is a hard thing for me too. A lesson that should be learned early in life. It would prevent so many problems! Have a wonderful new year Janis. Mimi

Julie Harward said...

And you think I am brave! I am just a crazy cookie! Life, it does toss us to and fro but I too know where to look for strength and comfort and peace...have the best year ever! :)

Zion Girl said...

YOUR MY HERO! life is never easy but I feel like I have the basic information and my beliefs keep me going strong. Like you....I hold my head up and accept my challenges as they come and then do the best I can. I am grateful for my love of the gospel and how following Christ keeps me on the straight and narrow path. Hello 2013...bring it on!