Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Don't Wither

The last time I saw my Mom alive, was the Saturday before Mothers Day.  My Sister & I, along with our daughters went to see Mom & Dad.  This was the first time in quiet a while... we had such a dysfunctional relationship that was nose diving.  My heart told me I needed to go.  My Sis, daughters, & niece all agreed we should together.  With it being Mothers Day, I picked her up a hanging basket of orange Impatiens, one of her favorites.  Ironically, Sis, did also, but in a different color.  My Mom was pleased.  More so at seeing all of her Girls.  She asked us to place the baskets on her balcony.

The baskets sat unattended all week. My Mom died six days after we saw her.

In the hustle of the many details that followed we almost forgot these baskets. Sis and I each took them back, nearly dead.  They both started thriving once they got attention.  Easy little plants.  Mine would have days of despair, then bounce back.   

Last night was our first real frost.  My basket had been moved into the screened in porch, but I feared moving it inside, as the Hubby keeps it so hot inside. Plants don't do wonderful in my care. Mom had the green thumb, and Sis inherited it.  I brought the plant in today, looking at how pitiful it looks.  I fear it will not last.  And it is breaking my heart all over again.   It's more than a silly plant to me.  It's the last exchange between Mom and I.

I've asked it to please not wither and die.  I'm just not ready.