Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Intimator

The worst part of my job, is getting off at midnight.
I have gotten use to it, and even enjoy it somewhat.  The streets are vacant and my commute home is much quicker than getting to work.  I sometimes, get uneasy when I drive through the area where my employment is.  We are smack dab in the middle of a high crime area, that has seen better days.  In our defense, the School has been there for one hundred years. I drive past a "Motorcycle Club" every evening. and lets just say it isn't full of the same riders Hubby and I rode with when he had the Harleys. I also run past several police squad cars that have folks pulled over or that occasional "Raid"... Eyes forward, act like you do not see anything....

Once I past this area, I hit the Interstate.  Four miles later I merge onto an other Interstate. Then after another four miles, I hit my exit and its a straight shot down Brookville Road to my housing addition.

Tuesday evening I get to that last leg of my journey home when it hits...
That intuition... What Gavin De Becker so clearly discusses in his books.  Something feels wrong.

I noticed a red Blazer (SUV) just ahead of me, lingering prior to where the lanes merge.  I give this vehicle plenty of room to go ahead and merge, even though I had the right away and enough time to pass him.  But something told me to stay behind. It looks suspicious. Like he wants me to get in front of it.
I nearly stopped to get him to get in the lane.
This road has a 50 MPH, but everyone goes faster, especially at this hour with no traffic.  He is going 35-40 MPH.  I am not riding him... although I want to... I am looking at the road ahead to decide if I want to pass him...
Then this Psyhco slams on his brakes.
I have  room to stop, but he has shock me up.
What Heck?
I flashed my brights.
He proceeds to go, speeds up a tad (up to 40 again), then SLAM.  Now I'm not only scared but mad.
An oncoming car approached and I started flashing my brights.. He flashed back and cautiously passed. By now I have Hubby on the phone as I am slightly freaking out... 
No one has messed with me in a long time... 
Thankfully I also have KLOVE (Christian Radio Station) on the radio which keeps me from going into that..."are you sure you wanna mess with a 49 yr old menopausal woman that just got off work dealing with 16 drama filled teenage girls...BRING IT ON BUTTHOLE!!!"... Q95 (my Rock station) would have feed that Janis... 

Anyway, back to the story... Hubby is keeping me calm, probably slightly excited about getting to grab one of his guns and taking the safety off... I have one then two cars following now that Pyscho allows to pass us one at a time... my brights are still on and I'm debating on calling 911 but don't want to hang up on Sergio.... as we approach my neighborhood (off this road) I make a quick right into it without giving the psycho a chance...
BUT PSYCHO has turned around and I see in my rear view mirror he is anticipating entering or waiting for me to exit... heart racing I fly into garage without the psycho following and Hubby is there to greet me with one of his guns ready... scared the stuffing out of me but really ticked me off too... Thankful this didn't happen to one of my girls although annie had a similar incident a couple years back . 
Now after having time to think it through, I really think it might have been some Nut trying to get me to hit him for insurance scam, and try to sue for ridiculous amounts of money.b I like that theory better than thinking he (or she) was just some Nutcase wanting to hurt me or toy with me. 
All is fine now although I surely am a little more edgy driving now, making sure everyone has plenty of space between vehicles! By the way, I counted 15 fresh skid marks were he tried to get me to hit him between that 2 mile stretch of road. 15! No wonder my heart was pounding so!

And I thought driving thru the ghetto near work was scary..

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