Thursday, October 6, 2011

gimmie gimmie...please

I have found myself soaking up the pleasure of Pinterest stalking.  Some of you know what I am talking about... That wonderfully addicting Social Bulletin Board of "ohhhhhs & ahhhhs" .  The stuff we want, like or make us think... "I can do that!" or "What a great Idea!" The dreams, inspirations, and the fantasies... As well as the bragging for few that actually have or have been blessed with.  It also is a wonderful site of shared books, movies, and clothing. 
I have something like 25 "boards".  Stuff that makes me smile. I have many I follow and even a few that follow me.
It's strange... but ohhh so fun!

I use the quotes I find, my, "Words That Help Me Breathe", for my Girls at ISD, I have turned a few into posters for them and always use a different encouraging quote of the week.
I have a, Once Upon a Happily-Ever-After for the Babies" , full of wedding ideals because, well, one day will be here before we know it.
I'm hoping these will give us a clear helpful path for planning the big events...

One of my favorite boards is for those hilarious things that make me crack up... Good to know there are others with my sense of humor & find the same things that make us giggle.
I crack up every time I see this
But mostly... I just love to creep & pin...Especially the pretty things I want!  If I had the talent that many of my Bloggy Buddies do... I would be making these for myself.

So much Pinterest Loving going on.
Makes me happy♥