Monday, September 26, 2011

StRAwbErRy fiELdS FORever...

Let me take you down...

I can't sing.  I never know the words, I have no pitch, and I have an annoying little lisp. I never could sing... but that never stopped me.

When I was in High School, my Bestie, Richie, and I were involved with a Christian youth group called Young Life.  we enjoyed singing along to the songs...quietly. But when we got in the car to head home, we belted them out as loud as we could, not caring how horrible we sounded.

I have always been a singer. I sing along to the radio. Even the songs I really shouldn't know. I sing when I have headphones on, looking and sounding weird. I sang to my Babies, and sing to my pets.

Songs left me a couple years ago. Not completely... but, the songs from my heart, singing a joyful tune, singing because you are happy... were gone for too long.  My depression stole that joy from me. It's been a silent couple years.

Guess what?  The songs in my heart are back!  I find myself singing aloud a lot once again. Whistling & humming came first...Then it happened.  I found myself once again singing in the shower. Singing in the car. Singing all the time.

Happiness has arrived and I feel the joy in my heart.

It feels good to be back♥


Linda said...

This post made me think.

I've always sang and hummed as well - everyone in our family has beautiful singing voices and many have pursued music as careers or avid hobbies at the least.

What made me think so much about your post before adding a comment - is the fact that I don't sing or hum nearly as much as I used to and reading your post, made me realize why and it's the fact that I'm not always as happy as I could be and there are a number of reasons for that which I won't write about here.

Anyway - I'm glad that your singing has resumed and that you're happy. It makes me ponder my own life. Not being sad, but just pondering... that's all.

Love to you,

Herrad said...

hi janis,
i am glad you are singing, singing is good for you.

the cake chick said...

I am so happy for you. I have recently started to find that joy again after a really tough couple of years.

Bee Lady said...

YYYEEEEAAAA!!! Sing out loud janis, just belt it out! So glad you are happy.

Cindy Bee

PS - Get your bum (hey that'd be a new word for my American/English dictionary wouldn't it!) Down here this weekend and hang out with me and RJ at the Granny Bee fall open house.

janis said...

Thank you Linda, Herrad, Cake Chick & Cindy~ yes singing is so good for the soul. I FEEL de da de da!
Everything is a song again, & if you knew me years ago, you know I can come up with a line from songs to answer all the time.
Linda~ I remember well being in similar shoes... when my daughters were Sarah's age... your song changes.. your life as well as hers is changing so quickly now.
Cindy~ Im certainly going to try to come. Email or text me a location & times. Are you going to be talking "English" all day? You sassy thing. Or should I say "saucy"?

Mark Pressley said...

Rock on!

I sing all the time and loud not only that I dance and where ever I am at. Nanc and Jake make fun of me because I am awful.

Their loss it makes me feel good.

Glad your singing again its good for the soul.

Honey at 2805 said...

Singing always lifts my spirits and I sing a lot (alone). I am reminded of my Grandmother who always hummed while she worked. Always. When she was older and would sit down in the afternoon to rest, she would sing her favorite hymns. I miss her.