Sunday, July 31, 2011

whew... thank goodness for Sunday

Ah Sunday.
St John's Catholic Church
I love Sundays.  Sunday is a glorious day. I use to be be a very good Catholic that went to church regularly.  Although I do not attend regular Mass anymore, my heart is filled with the Lord, especially on Sundays.  I want to return to Mass... Just need to make a decision on which one.  At Catholic churches they flip our priest around and sometimes that is good, sometimes just sad.  You get comfy and wham! Time for change. I understand. I get it. But, I also am being a tad stubborn.
I need to be back in church.  I need church.

This is the church we most recently attended.  After years with a closer church, that the girls attended for grade school & we followed throughout their high school, we ventured to this lovely favorite downtown.  It is wonderful. Fr Steve Giannini is so similar to the priest that brought me into the Catholic Church. I felt an instant connection with his preaching & teaching the Word.  But, he has moved on to another church :(... We need to give the new Priest a chance, but with the current downtown construction, particularly at the church, we have made a rare appearance here and there.  Also, I hate going by myself.  I feel ...pitied. We are a church that meets & greets during the service & I always feel lonely when solo, during this. Hubby is traveling much (en-route as I type, to Michigan again), and the girls, would go if I ask, but, Em doesn't even live here, and Annie, cherishes sleeping in on the rare occasion.
I am a Godly Woman. I am proud to serve our Lord. I live my life accordingly to His plan for me. I follow His lead.
I know, I know... stop making excuses.
I know in my heart where I should be. Here, enjoying services, looking at this:


An English Shepherd said...
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An English Shepherd said...

Lovely looking Church :-)

Judy Miller said...

Beautiful church! Some people say they don't need to go to church, but I enjoy the support and caring that I get from others there. It is hard when Pastors are moved a lot. So far we have kept ours for several years, hope he is here for a lot longer. It takes time to build relationships with a Pastor or Priest and is a shame when they are moved. Judy