Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Mouning Dove

Yesterday I buried a Mourning Dove.  It was sitting upward in the yard, with it's tail up, and it's head down. It didn't have a mark on it, but it was very dead.
I buried it because it seemed like a friend.  It, and it's partner, have lived here in my yard longer than we. I have grown very fond of the pair, and the familiar cooing song they made together.
They hung out beneath my finch feeder, eating the spillage on the ground. They lived in my trees, my neighbors trees, and hung out on the roofs as well.  I don't know what happened. But as my family says, "it's nature Mom". It happens every day.
I can't tell you how sad I was seeing it had died.  I scooped it up and gently placed it in the bushes.  But then I worried about the little body and the elements decaying it.  I worried about it's partner, seeing it there and not being able to do anything about it.  I worried about my cat, Mischa, and my dog Dakota, getting a hold of and the possibility of getting sick (I don't know how this little guy died, and also we all know that a decomposing bird can harbor disease.)
I went to this little guy, and decided to bury it. As I would a pet. The catch... I buried it next door. Don't be getting all in my face telling me  I can't do that... The house is vacant.  It's for sale (bank owned). The previous owner would have wanted me to bury here as well. I picked a nice quiet spot under a tree, where nothing will bother it, nor be planted there.  I buried it deep, and flattened the ground. You can't even tell something was buried there.
Meanwhile, it's devoted partner came to visit me today. It sat under the finch feeder and watched me. I spoke to it. It spoke to me.  And then it was gone. I hope it will return.

It is said that a Mourning Dove has a lifetime of 5-7 years when living free.
It is also said that they take a partner for life.

They spend their whole lives with the one partner. Taking care of each other. Being exclusive and faithful.


Mark Pressley said...

Janis I study Animal Symbolism due to my beliefs,

Symbols are found all over this in Chistian terms for you it is a symbol of the Holy Spirt by my beliefs the Dove represents deep peace it soothes and quites troubled thoughts and is teaching you to appreciate the simple things in life.

A common message in both beleifs is: martyr? Not sure if this meaans anything to you and last by my thoughts there is a message from sthe other side a soul passing by with a message for you possibly?

Things to think about: martyr, peace, messanger

Very cool stuff

Reality Jayne said...

youare a good soul to bury that little bird. I would have done the same....a friend is a friend

Scott said...

As a boy, I can remember sitting out in my backyard on a basketball having a heart to heart with the mourning dove sitting on the wire above. I was always trying to talk it into nesting in my yard, and I was so thrilled (and convince I had succeeded) when a pair nested in our front spruce tree. The nest was eye level, so I could check on them each day and talk to the babies. That year was my favorite nesting experience of my life.

I, too, have had the wild bird funeral. I hit a robin driving home from work by in my school days. I was feeling very stressed and sad that day to begin with, and killing the robin was just the icing on the cake. I stopped, scooped him up and brought him home to bury him. With flower petals sprinkled over his body, he was laid to rest in the backyard not far from our own family pets. It was a silly thing to do, but that day I needed to do it.

So I appreciate your story on both levels. Thanks for sharing.

Happy@Home said...

Aww, the poor little birdie. It always makes me feel sad to see them die in my yard. I think you did a very kind thing to give it a proper burial.
Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and kind comments regarding my sister. I really appreciate it.