Sunday, July 17, 2011


Thursday evening I had a hard time getting to sleep.  Usually, for the past couple years anyway, I pretty much fall asleep within an hour of hitting the pillow.
Nothing new on my mind, nothing new to be stressing over.  Feeling okay health-wise...except for  allergies (which I haven't been bothered with since 2008...until this summer).  But this particular evening I tossed & turned.  I also had a persistent little cough.  You know the kind... like something is tickling the back of your throat.  Just that barely there.. cough cough. I went into the living room with a cough drop as I didn't wait to wake the Hubby (poor thing rarely sleeps well & I certainly didn't want to be a culprit that kept him up).  I laid trying to sleep, finally, once I got that cough quieted. I returned to bed. And went to sleep.

I woke up, Hubby already off to work. As I swung my legs off the bed and went to stand, my left leg completely collapsed. It wasn't hurting, but it wasn't "working" either.  It's like no muscle control at all. I couldn't move it. I could manipulate it with my hands, and locked it into a standing position, but I couldn't make it move on it's own at all. I tried to take a step with the right leg and as soon as weight was put onto the left leg, down I collapsed again.
I tried massaging it, slapping it around, begging it.  Eventually I started getting some control and soon enough it was functioning normally.
But, seriously? What the heck?

I have always had some circulation problems.   My legs would get that tingling "falling asleep" problem and not function well. Arms and hands too. For as long as I can remember.

On occasion, my leg will give out from under me. I've had some painful and some embarrassing moments. It always frightens me but I have been living with it for as long as I can remember.

A couple years back this was happening a lot more frequently, especially with my hands and arms. I went through some testing at the hospital (I was sure I had Restless Leg Syndrome).  That was ruled out as well as anything "major".  But I never got an answer as to what was going on.  We kind of dropped it once we realized it wasn't anything major.

But, now, after Friday morning's incident.  I am concerned.  Is this getting old?  Is this going to continue to get worse?  Is this going to affect my walking, driving and daily functioning?
It was a tiny tiny window into my friends with Multiple Sclerosis and other  muscular diseases daily living.  Not being able to use your limbs or control them. To lose something we take for granted so easily. I don't even "think" about movement.. I just do it. To lose movement, it would be so imprisoning and frightful.

My adoring Doctor has recent moved far away to begin a new wonderful journey.  I am in the process of setting up a new Doctor's care and doing the transfer stuff. I have been so Blessed that our "old" Family Physician was also one of Hubby's best friends.  He knew us better than any other Doctor possibly could.  Maybe new Doctor will have some fresh perspective of what is happening to my aging and changing body. Or maybe, she will think I am a hypochondriac. Either way, eventually I will have to bring it up.  Oh well... it can wait, for now.


Bee Lady said...

Well janis, if it's something you've had for years, and hasn't gotten worse, then it just could be a nerve thing, don't you think? One time I woke up in the middle of the night and not realizing that my weiner dog had stretched out across my legs and apparently cut off my circulation, I woke up, got up, and fell. I instantly tried to get up and fell again. You're right it's scary. I hope this new Doc gives you some fresh insight to the problem.

Cindy Bee

Lori ann said...

yipes, that is scary! i hope you find out what is going on, i'm crossing my fingers for you. you are too young to be malfunctioning!

Bee Lady said...


You are one of the nicest people I've Never met! So nice of you to take time to comment on Sarah's blog,when you are going through so much yourself. Keep us posted ok?

Cindy Bee

bibbitybob said...

I hope you find out what is going on soon, Janis. I can imagine how scary that would have been for you. Could it have been something as simple as the way you laid? Very often when I sleep on my arm I wake up and have the exact same sensation in it.

Thank you for the very kind comments you wrote on my last post. I shall try and remember to breathe! :) x