Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lazy Hot Summer Days

I have been Home Alone (plus critters) all week.  I will not has been blissful. One morning I slept in till 11am. Seriously? When was the last time that happened? In my defense, I stayed up watching trashy reality shows till 2am the night before.

I have this wonderful opportunity to get so many "projects" done, cleaning done, and catching up.  I have many draft post that are begging me to complete & post. I have friends & family I could go visit and enjoy. Books calling me to read.

I have sat around mostly...vegging in the heat.  Watching crap on television, eating junk, laying around, surfing the web, and doing NOTHING.

I haven't worn makeup all week.  My hair is in a ponytail. I'm wearing comfy ugly clothes.  I have barely left the house.

Gosh it feels marvelous!

How often do we get these opportunities? Me? Never!

The Baby daughter comes home today. I should clean up. (House & myself). I should maybe tackle a couple of those things calling me to take care of. Maybe the easier ones at least. I texted a couple of friends to go check out a new antique shop later today.  It's trash day... maybe I should cut the big tree branches down to have out for trash pick up... (nah it's already 90 degrees with a heat index of at least 10 higher). 

Whoops...Baby Girl just texted me that they are on there way back, that means she  will be home this afternoon instead of this evening.  I guess that's my clue to get out of my comfy chair and get moving.

ugh...back to reality!


Tina said...

What I would give to have a week like that! I had to go out of town last weekend for classes for a job I'm looking in to. Several of my family asked me if I wanted them to go with me so I wouldn't be alone! Ha Ha! :-)

Vanna said...

You are too funny! That does sound awesome though, being home alone with the furry kiddos. I want to do that for sure!

Mark Pressley said...

Nah take a nap before she arives.
Sounds like a great week!

Reality Jayne said...

That sounds like a heavenly week....if I do say so myself.
As far as all that trash tv....Shame on you...hehehehe....

Linda said...

Everyone needs those times. Thankfully I get to experience them a lot more than most (I'm spoiled) but mostly because I've just always made it a priority since that's when I'm most happiest. :) Past two days have been anything but alone time - in Chicago, enjoying the beautiful (yes steamy but beautiful) weather with my family.
Love, Linda

Ziongirl said...

I love it when the babies come home. One day your babies will be bringing their babies in tow with them to your house.

Oh the "circle of life" is so beautiful.