Friday, June 17, 2011

Sleeping In on Lazy Mornings

I love going back to bed, sleeping in late.
For years, I had that internal clock that made me wake up everyday at 5:45am. Sleeping in late back then was 8am.  I always got up before everyone else in the family. Had my morning coffee in peace, then woke the family accordingly to schedules (school, work, whatever).
But things change.
The Babies went to college and no longer had me as their alarm clock.
Hubby's schedule changed as well, and his sleep habits did too.
Me? Well, a couple things changed me. 1~The medication I take for depression, allows me to sleep better than ever before. 2~ get laid off and not be needed to wake early and slowly your internal alarm clock starts changing.

Now, I wake when Hubby does, let the dogs out, then return to bed (with the dogs) and cuddle.
The above picture, with all three dogs and one cat, has me wedged under the covers as well.

It is complete bliss to sleep in for another hour. So relaxing and sweet.

I think it makes for a better day too.  I have that little extra boost, when I have the extra hour.

Now with the new job.  My sleeping in will continue.  I won't be getting home till after midnight, and after shower & all, bedtime is more like 1am.  So,  hello bed.  hello morning sunshine with your warm kisses.
I love this sleeping in business.  I don't think it's lazy at all. Just lucky.


Pammy Sue said...

I agree. Sleeping in is luxurious!

Reality Jayne said...

i love sleeping in too....My body clock has always been night-owlish...

Scribe said...

sleeping in past 9 a.m. is DELIGHTFULL!!! Especially during thunderstorm season!

Scott said...

I'm torn on this one. I absolutely love being up and watching the sunrise and getting an early start on things. Yet, I keep finding myself lingering longer and longer in bed. I don't sleep well at night, and the morning hours seem to be some of my best sleep.


I love to sleep in. Blissful. Beats years of getting up early with kiddies and husband.
I think we deserve it.
Occasionally, I get up early but not often and yes I think it gives me an extra boost of energy for the day.
So here's to sleeping ss much as we need each day.Barb