Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quondam Tuesday ~ Naps~

Random napping shots.

My inspiration for Naps

Chase (friend)
Emily & Grandma Kitty
Annie & Chase
Sergio & Emily
Annie, Sergio & Emily
Bruno & Riley
Emily & Richie
Sergio, Annie & Emily
Lucy & April
Annie & Emily
Annie & Riley
I have more... I didn't even post my favorites. But I have too many up as is so I will stop now.
Kind of makes you want to take a little nap doesn't it?


Pammy Sue said...

Everything makes ME want a nap! Those are funny pics...especially the ones with the mouths hanging open. Hee-hee.

Lori ann said...

So cute! Love those pics!

Reality Jayne said...

my favorite is the first one...(big dog-little bed...little dog ...big bed)
It made me laugh out loud....

Mark Pressley said...


Linda said...

Wonderful photos. :) I rarely can sleep at night, but yes - I do love naps.

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

What is it about sleeping kids that's so adorable? I love the pictures of my kids sleeping, too. I guess it's because they look so sweet! :)